After my second week in Santiago I still don't feel the urge to write something about living here. Personally I am fine with calling my family and sometimes some friends. But my friend Andre, who is at the moment also living here for another 3 weeks, picks on me about my Blog whenever he can. So I decided now to give you a short overview of the great things I already experienced.

The flight from Munich to Atlanta, which is the biggest Airport I've ever seen!, was not quite entertaining due to the fact that I hate flying and we had lots of turbulences. After arriving in Atlanta we had to go through security check, where they take fingerprints and face picture of everyone. I had the honor to be further interrogated in a separate room, where when I arrived a guy was accompanied by an officer with medical gloves to another room. That really gave me a bad feeling of things to come for the first moment. Luckily I was second in the line and only asked two question, why I am on this airport and if I ever were before in the US. After that I was allowed to get into the departure area.

We had to spend then 6 hours in the waiting hall before we took off for the flight to Santiago which lastet another 10 (or more?) hours. Since I was already up for 24 hours I just slipped into my chair and fell asleep.

I woke up just before the arrival in Santiago and could get a short glance of the big mountain chain which surrounds Santiago. After the security check which was way better and faster then in the US we could immediately get our suitcases and backpacks and went quite fast through customs check. After that we had to fight our way through all kind of persons who tried to get us to drive with them to the City. Unfortunately we needed some time to find our pre booked taxi driver and also spent 7 dollar for tips to people which insisted to help us and to push our luggage cart.

Nevertheless after half an hour we finally found the driver and were securely brought to our home for the next 4 weeks. My first thought as I saw the building was that hopefully one of the other persons which were in our bus too lives here. Unfortunately immediately after that thought I saw the right house number over the entrance and recognized that it is our house. I will put some pictures of our ?concrete bunker? (thats how I call it, since it is inside even colder than outside) online. However the flat is not as worse as expected and the old lady, called Lilly, which rents all together 4 rooms, is very nice and helpfull. Since it was 10 o'clock in the morning we just took a shower and then invited my friend Andre to visit us. He arrive about 13 o'clock and led us straight to the center of Santiago which is only 15 minute walk away. There we bought some important things like a prepaid card and the transportation card for the public transport system in Santiago. I have to say I like it quite more using the subway here compared to Munich since it is more modern and cost about only one forth as in Munich. After that urgent purchases Andre brought us to a fine Steak restaurant were I had a really good and big piece of best cow beef. Unfortunately I wont be able to go there as much as Andre did in the beginning (3 times a week! ;) since with 10 Euro with a beer and potatoes its too expensive for me. After the meal Anna and me were quite tired and we drove home with Andre. We wanted to stay up longer but at 8 o'clock we were already dreaming for our fist time in South America.